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Fishing Lower Miami and the Upper Keys

If you’re interested in a Miami fishing charter, come join us aboard The BEAST! Take advantage of our beautiful water, pleasant weather, and World Class, Big Game fishing in Miami.

Full day trips will board The BEAST at 7:00 AM. Your adventure begins with a brisk run across beautiful Biscayne Bay. The majority of our fishing is done with live bait, so we will be stopping for you to catch your bait for the day. When you’ve caught enough bait, we will make the short run to the deeper, offshore waters where the real action is. The BEAST will return to port at 5 PM, where your catch will be cleaned and bagged for you!

Night time trips for Swordfish and Cubera Snapper are available (in season), if big, strong fish are your target. Night trips are approximately 8 hours in length.

Master Capt. Jim Barlett (USCG licensed) is a 40 year fishing veteran in South Florida waters. He is a professional charter Captain that knows his boat and waters thoroughly. He works the helm continually with a constant watch of the water and sonar to locate fish. Capt. Jim is also an accomplished tournament Captain. He has led his fishing teams to many victories throughout the years and The BEAST is well known for its all female “Beastie Girls” tournament team. Capt. Jim truly enjoys sharing the love he has for what he fondly terms, “his world”.

Devon Spadaro is a first class mate, bar none, with 15 years of South Florida fishing experience. Devon works the cockpit tirelessly, keeping the baits fresh and working hard to get that bite for you! His confidence in bringing your fish aboard is apparent when handling the leader, wielding the gaff, or simply hand gripping the fish. He has a unique determination in the “pit” to see that you have a successful trip.

Capt. Jim and mate, Devon, team up with 55 years of sea time. They are skilled in all types of fishing and will do their best to keep you busy catching fish. This team is conservation minded and encourage catch and release fishing. However, they are not opposed to keeping fish that are within legal limits and are intended to be eaten. The BEAST has a “release only” rule for Sailfish and Marlin! Capt. Jim and Devon try their best to create a fun and friendly trip. Their primary goal is to see smiling faces at the end of each day!

The BEAST is a 2007 World Cat 330 Tournament Edition, powered by twin Suzuki 300’s. This 33’ World Cat is the flagship of World Class Catamarans. She has an exceptionally smooth ride in “all” seas and is stable as an oil rig at rest. The BEAST is a fisherman’s dream machine with 360 degree fish ability, 2 large live wells, tackle stations, wash downs, and other items built into the boat. The BEAST has an oversized hard top for shade, ample storage for your gear, and a stand up head (toilet) with privacy, for the ladies.
The Beast is rigged with Lee Sidewinder outriggers, center rigger, and Penn downriggers. The majority of your fishing will be done with light tackle custom rods and top quality reels. All bait, tackle, and ice are provided. The boats electronics include GPS, sonar, radar, VHF, and an FM radio with mp3 input, if you like music during your trip. The BEAST carries all necessary life gear, including EPIRB, for your personal safety.
All necessary fishing permits and licenses are provided.
You only need to bring yourselves and your food and drinks. A large iced cooler is provided on the boat for your lunch and beverages. Don’t forget your sunscreen and cameras! We recommend that you bring polarized sunglasses and rain gear. A rain coat packs easily and can also be used as a wind breaker, or spray blocker, on windy days

Tight Lines & Smooth Drags!!!!

     Kingfish    Dolphin    Wahoo Tuna
     Grouper   Snapper Amberjack  Barracuda

TRIP DESCRIPTION ... All charters are "PRIVATE" ... NO split trips or walk ups

1 - 4 people (recommended) ... up to 6 people (maximum)

Full Day ... 7 AM - 5 PM ... Extended time for the ultimate, offshore, fishing adventure.

Short Day ... 7 AM - 2 PM ... Quality fishing without spending the entire day on the water. 

"Special" night trips for Swordfish or Cubera Snapper (in season).

Due to the constant fluctuations in fuel prices... Please call or email for current trip rates.

***  Deposit is required  ---  No additional fuel charge on routine trips  ***

We accept most major credit cards.  

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